Quick Self MakeUp Guide For Acne Prone Skin

If you have a problem with acne, you must be facing a significant conundrum in your life. Makeup covers the acne, and makeup can also cause acne. To do or not to do is the question. Right? Worry not.

You can do makeup even if you have an acne prone skin. The technology has not advanced all these much people can’t cover their acne marks with makeup. Doing makeup and looking good can make you feel good. Sometimes, that’s all that matters. So don’t be clogged down by all the negative posts about makeup harming your skin. Instead, check on how makeup can be done by not harming the skin, at all. Yes, it is possible. You need to be cautious and consistent.

Here is a mini self make up routine to help those with acne prone skin

Clean The Face

Always start with this. Clean your face using a good face wash that has been made for acne prone skin. Make sure to use the face wash that sits well with your face type. This will clean your face off all the impurities and also help you create a shield against acne that might be close to breakout. Always check what you are bringing in contact with your face.


This is an acne prone skin must do step. Toner is your best friend. It will clean any impending impurities; it will clean the pores from within and also close them. That solves a lot of problems. Closing the pores before make is applied is impressive as there will be a lesser chance of new acne eruptions due to make up. Astringent is the best acne prone skin toner, use it before anything else is applied on the face and let it rest for 10 – 15 minutes on skin before applying something else.

CC Cream

Cc cream is necessary to color correctional creams. These creams work on blemishes and clear the unevenness of color on the skin. They are lighter and a little more organic than foundation which contains more chemicals. They also have skin moisturizing and skin-help components which favor the skin while making it look gorgeous at the same time.

Pro tip: if you need to apply to make up daily, use cc cream instead of a foundation if it works for you.


This forms the base of all the makeup that you might do. Foundation, as the name suggests, creates support for all the products and is a makeup product which helps to cover acne scars and blemishes. Let us take a look at what should be considered while buying a foundation:

Based On Skin Type

Always consider your skin type while choosing a foundation. If you have dry skin, choose a liquid and moisturizing foundation whereas, for oily skin, a powdered but not cakey foundation would work the best. Foundation can go wholly wrong and disoriented if the skin type is incorrect.


What does your foundation contain? It cannot have oil and emollient if you have acne prone skin. That is just more damaging. Your foundation should be water based so that it can help with the oily skin, and there is no flaky, cakey, or streaky effect on the skin after the foundation.

Powered Foundation

Yes, the powdered foundation would be a useful acne prone skin foundation. Because you have oily skin, the powdered foundation will give your face the little dryness it needs. Also, it will be easy to apply and won’t leave the flaky look, which is usually the case with powdered foundations when used on dry skin.

Remove The Make Up

This is a crucial step. The makeup cannot harm your skin if it does not overstay. Being lazy to wash off the wake up before sleeping will lead to more acne problems. Always clean your face before sleeping with the acne face wash and ensure that all of the external makeup layers are all gone.


That is a small and practical guide on how to proceed with makeup for an acne prone skin without losing the fun part. Don’t push your skin to extremes. Work on your skin in a consistent, caring, and cautious way. These 3Cs will help you trust the power of good skin. There is no such thing as impossible. You can look ace, it does not matter if you have an acne prone skin.